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bulletBasic Pistol Class & Florida Concealed Carry Class
bulletChief Range Safety Officer
bulletRefuse To Be A Victim Personal Safety Seminar is different from other firearms training programs.  We offer a combined class that includes a NRA Certified Basic Pistol Class plus all you need to secure your Florida Concealed Carry Permit.

Please note that if you would just like training on safely handling a firearm I can help you with that as well.  Just email or call me for further details.

Below is more information on our classes:  To book a class, please email me at

NRA Basic Pistol Class & Florida Concealed Carry Class - $75.00

This course is conducted in two phases. Phase I is online through the NRA Learning Management System (LMS). Once you complete the online phase, you can attend Phase II, the instructor-led training portion of the course. During Phase II I will validate comprehension and application of gun safety rules, range protocol, proper handling, loading and unloading procedures, application of pistol shooting fundamentals, stable shooting positions, live fire, and students shoot a final qualification

Where do I find Phase I to take the online course?

This class is designed to provide hands-on introduction to safe handling and proper orientation to one specific pistol action type.  This course is five (5) hours long and includes classroom and range time.

Each student will be required to fire 50 rounds of ammunition and show proficiency in safely handling and loading a firearm.  This is an NRA Certified Class!

In addition, we will complete all of the requirements (except fingerprinting) and information for you to secure your Concealed Carry Permit in Florida.  To find out the eligibility to acquire a Florida Concealed Carry Permit, click here.   You'll be navigated to our page that outlines what it takes for eligibility for a Florida Concealed Carry Permit.

Class cost and details:

bullet$75.00 per student
bulletStudents pay range time (less than $15.00)
bulletStudents supply ammunition
bulletClass length = 5 hours

Chief Range Safety Officer - $250.00

A prerequisite of this course is to be an NRA Range Safety Officer.  The class is 14 hours long and upon completion successful students will receive their NRA Chief Range Safety Officer credentials.

Course Goal:  To develop NRA Certified Range Safety Officers who possess the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to train and supervise NRA Range Safety Officers and to provide the essential information required to develop Range Standard Operating Procedures.

Class cost and details:

bullet$250.00 per student
bulletClass length = 14 hours

Refuse To Be A Victim Personal Safety Seminar - $30.00

Refuse To Be A Victim® is NRA’s award-winning personal safety and crime prevention program.  These sought-after seminars teach participants how to improve their personal safety strategies, and what techniques and tactics can be used to help avoid becoming easy victims of crime and criminals. In general, seminars heighten public awareness of what can and should be done to stay safe.

The material covered in the NRA Refuse To Be A Victim® seminar is designed for those participants seeking an introduction to greater awareness to increase their personal safety.  The Refuse To Be A Victim® seminar is (3) three hours long.  You can see the NRA introduction video for this seminar by clicking here (YouTube video on this course).

Tuition is only $30 ($50 per couple) to cover materials and facilities costs. The seminar is open to the public, but space is limited and pre-registration is required. If you're interested in this seminar, please contact me via email at or call (813) 963-1823 to reserve a seat.

This workshop is not a firearm or self defense training and there is no physical contact during the class.  Requirements to take the class are 18 years or older and successfully complete the seminar.

Program cost and details:

bullet$30.00 per student, $50.00 per couple
bulletClass length = 3 hours

Note: For your convenience, for 4 or more people I can hold the class at your location.  I will book range time near you.   

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