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IMPORTANT:  The 2nd Amendment is under attack.  All gunowners need to vote this year to protect our rights given to us in the US Constitution!  Check out to make sure you're registered to vote in your state:  Home | Trigger The Vote


NOTE: Constitutional Carry Law in Florida has spurred a lot of questions regarding the need for a permit.  YES, YOU SHOULD STILL GET A PERMIT! If you travel to another state or even get stopped in Florida, having a CCW will provide the officer the comfort knowing you were trained.  Read more about it at my Constitutional Carry page.


Disarming law-abiding citizens and making good people helpless
 will not make bad people harmless.

Welcome!  I am an NRA Certified Instructor and Training Counselor who truly enjoys shooting.  I also enjoy teaching others how to safely handle and use their firearms.

My mission & purpose:

bulletEducate those interested in firearms to the safe handling and use of them
bulletQualify individuals for their Concealed Carry Permit in Florida
bulletTrain future NRA Instructors

My NRA Credentials:

bulletNRA Certified Training Counselor
bulletNRA Certified Pistol
bulletNRA Certified Rifle
bulletNRA Chief Range Safety Officer
bulletNRA Certified Refuse To Be A Victim Regional Counselor

Some facts:

bulletA firearm in properly trained hands is your defense against others wishing to do you or your family harm
bulletFirearms in the hands of those who are not properly trained can have devastating results

You'll have to determine your knowledge and experience with firearms.  Are you new to firearms, have some previous experience or very knowledgeable?  That determines where you should start with your training.  Click here of the 'Your Knowledge Base' link at the top of this page to determine what class best fits your experience. 

Most importantly, if you have or going to have a firearm in your home please make sure it is safely stored and you learn how to use it proficiently.  Be safe!

John Bottomley
NRA Certified Instructor & Training Counselor
Chief Range Safety Officer
Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor
Tampa, FL
(813) 787-7120



'I can tell you the probability of needing a firearm is remote, but it's more important to have a gun in your hand than a cop on the phone.'
- Sheriff Grady Judd, Polk County, FL




Contact Information

(813) 787-7120
Electronic mail
General Information: john@floridafirearmsinstructor.com
Webmaster: john@floridafirearmsinstructor.com






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